Destination wedding in Santorini Island Greece | Daniels & Simee | Coming soon...


Daniels and Simee, a wonderful couple who "made the world their home" (as they say) have shared with us some words of how they decided to travel with their close friends and families to Santorini for the most special day in their lives .


Read below Daniels and Simee's words :


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Wedding in Mykonos Hotel Resort Saint John | Leyla & David


With a pleasant e-mail, David and Leyla asked the Phosart team to cover their wedding, which they had decided would take place on a Greek island.


A beautiful couple from England that wished to celebrate this unique day of their lives in our magnificent country - they could only bring joy and pride to any photographic studio. Their wedding took place on a Monday, with no problems of church availability, a common issue in Greece because all Greek weddings traditionally take place on weekends. Of course, we responded positively to their message with great pleasure.


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Wedding in Athens | Kristof & Teresa | Coming Soon


Kristof & Tereza a young and beautiful couple got married at the Catholic church of Saint Denis on 26 of July.

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The Love Story short film from Hong Kong to Santorini , Greece


 Photo LinkStort-telling photos of Mika and Roy in Santorini , Greece


One day we received a request from Mika and Roy from Hong Kong.

Mika and Roy explained what they had in mind for their wedding, how important and special their entire vacation and ceremony was as it would only be the two of them traveling and they wanted something that would remain in their hearts forever.

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Wedding in Athens | Wedding Video | Nikolas - Konstantina


Ήταν ένας απο τους γάμους που δεν θα ξεχάσουμε ποτέ.. Ένα όμορφο ζευγραρι , γεμάτο ενέργεια , ζωντάνια , πάθος και αγάπη μας έδωσε την χαρά να βρεθούμε στον γάμο τους σαν φωτογράφοι και βιντεογραφοι και να καλύψουμε την μοναδική τους ημέρα!

"Απερίγραπτα συγκινητικό!!! Οχι μόνο το video σαν video αλλα ο τρόπος που το έχετε φτιάξει! .... Ειλικρινά, πριν πάρουμε το video θυμόμασταν το γάμο μας σαν ένα παλιό ωραίο γλέντι..Χθες, νιώσαμε κάθε στιγμή να ζωντανεύει ακριβώς όπως τη ζούσαμε εκείνη τη μέρα! Κ ξαναλέω, όχι μόνο από το υλικό αλλά από τον τρόπο που προβαλλατε κάθε μας δευτερόλεπτο..τρομερή εναλλαγή από τη συγκίνηση ,στο

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