Through the lens of Phosart Cinematography you can experience the beautliful production of a unique perfume in the amazing Le nez Perfumerie store retail lab and sensory incubator. Enjoy 1st access to an ever-evolving collection of artisan-fueled products like flagrances, colognes, perfumes and much more, each chosen for their quality and originality values. Hand crafted, clean, fresh, cruelty-free, micro-brewed fragrances created with the magical, mystical properties of the ingredients in mind. The meanings, properties and purposes are derived from folklore, cultures and religions the world over and throughout time. During the procedure of this commercial video from our videographers, the store was filled with wonderful smells and the final product is a unique blend that arrouses senses, filling you with unique feelings and quality that will hook you to Le nez perfumerie indefinetly.

Produced by Phosart Photography Cinematography