IFAISTEIA -the popular volcano festival in Santorini started on 1991 in a totally unexpected way: During a concert of a famous singer ,while he was singing , many fireworks from the side of Santorini volcano start falling . This made a great and imposing situation , making the audience excited and the evening closed with a unique ending. Thanks to the huge appreciation of the audience ,this fact was the reason for the island to start the volcano festival –that takes place on August of each year without being predictable as every year there are many changes and adds to it: different fireworks and shows of a volcano explosion are used and various musicians are invited People have the opportunity to watch a magical volcano spectacle accompanied with great music .It ' s a really unique experience!

Except from the millions of visitors who enjoy their holidays each year in Santorini , there is a lot of people who come only to watch this fabulous show that can causes to them a lot of emotions and travel them to a word of pictures, colors, and sounds that please the senses.. It s an unforgettable experience, full of surprises , that causes awe every single time someone watch it!

Many explosion sounds from volcano area are warning the people to take their place in the breathtaking area of Kaldera opposite of the volcano. The most daring , are coming much closer to the event on small boats ,so they can have a great view of volcano Santorini. Next , there are the huge cruise ships ,full of lights that not only offer a great view to their passengers but they are themselves a beautiful adding in the space.When the show starts, explosions of 90 miles take the place of magma ,and lava streams overflow the hills of the volcano. The place is lightened so much because of the fireworks ,that is seems like the night becomes day for a few moments.

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Produced by: Studio Phosart | Filmed by: Mitos Fotopoulos, Chris Charitidis | Directed by: Miltos Fotopoulos