“All’s fair in love and war,” they say. Especially for Anoosha and Ishan whose love is heels-over-head. This entrance wedding video will travel you all the way to the University of Pennsylvania for a unique and romantic Philly love story.

This couple reached out to us from the internet to create a unique video for their wedding reception entrance and we couldn't feel more honored! After a few calls for the storyline, we needed to travel to Philadelphia US, meet this adorable duo in person, and start filming right away. We had a blast! The couple was so fun to capture, and their energy overwhelmed us.

As their joined life begins, Anoosha and Ishan decided to be inspired by everyday life. In this short film, Ishan being the ultimate gentleman finds the perfect opportunity to meet Anoosha during class. Their chemistry is vivid from the very first moment they lock eyes! In a wonderfully colored maze, they try to connect with one another and face struggles together.

A playful lovey-dovey atmosphere is in complete sync with the couple’s chemistry. A portrait of their unbreakable bond. When they walk together as a married couple, these will hold high; the first look, the first meeting, the first date.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. And maybe you can meet your other half at the next corner. After all, Ishan and Anoosha did!