So the story for this lovely couple begins like this: Yanni sent us an e-mail from New York sharing his willing to propose to Loukia... After some e-mails and the first Skype calls, we understood that something simple was not going to be enough for that man... So we went over the board... Again! It took months and months to arrange every small detail, after our common decision with Yanni that the proposal should take place at the Castle of Oia in Santorini. We started the coverage at the streets of New York, where George had the chance to take shots of Yanni walking down the streets in search of the perfect ring to put on Loukia’s finger..! Covering a proposal around the sunset time at the most famous location in the world with crowds of people gathered was a difficult task and we knew that from the start. Mostly because we did not know what to expect. Of course, the result justified us, because everyone was shocked, cried, cheered and made the set even more magnificent!

Loukia only knew that Yanni had arranged a photoshoot around Oia. Being used to surprises like this, she did not suspect anything. Only when they arrived at the Castle, she began wondering why there was a quartet around a heart of flowers playing “How deep is your love” by Calvin Harris in a string version. A song that Yanni had chosen and since there was no sheet music we had to authorize a composer to arrange it!

You can watch this... And you can try not to cry...
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Vendors: Planning, Arrangement, Filming, Editing: Phosart Photography Cinematography | Coordinator of the day, Decoration: Niovi Kay | Music Quartet: Athenian Rhapsody | String Arrangement: Katerina Loukia Geraki