We absolutely love a romantic proposal story, but when it comes to the most romantic proposal story from a wonderful couple far away, then we instantly fall in love!

The story behind this wonderful engagement photography collection dates to the mid-20th century, when Nikos’ grandfather proposed to his grandmother in front of the impressive in appearance statue of Bronx Victory Memorial at Pelham Bay Park, Bronx in New York. Touched by this story and to keep the family tradition alive, Nikos decided to propose to Penny at the same spot, driving the same old Mercedes to arrive to the spot as his grandfather had done on his engagement day.

The preparations for the proposal started early, finding Nikos searching for the perfect engagement ring downtown in New York’s jewelry stores. In this mission he was not alone, as he has organized all necessary preparations for the proposal with his and Pennys’ parents.

When the proposal day finally arrived, the location seemed picturesque; The Bronx Victory Memorial statue looked so shiny at the autumn scenery at Pelham Bay Park in Bronx, adding to the overall romantic atmosphere and making this engagement photography collection so unique. Not to mention that the parents’ excitement was such, that they were hiding all along behind the statue, revealing themselves just on time not to miss the big “yes”!

It is always wonderful to get to know the couple that we, as photographers, photograph, but to become friends with them is another thing. This is the case for Penny and Nikos and we followed their love story from start to finish, from the day of their proposal in New York until their big wedding day in Lemnos island this summer – as Nikos himself comes from Lemnos- that will be soon online on our site.

Penny and Nikos, we feel blessed getting to know you both and we wish you from the bottom of our hearts all the best of happiness in your lives to come!

We will always be next to you to keep your memories alive!