Even the greatest poems can’t describe the epic love Nasrin and Brendan share!  What inspiration indeed to film a such passionate couple! Their love is like cut from a lovey-dovey novel and we are head to toes so eager to present them to you. On a cloudy with a risk of rain day our love story begins. The sounds of the fierce weather in complete contrast with this sweet love will drive crazy even the non-romance enthusiasts!

The couple in front of the abrupt and beautiful caldera view will stay engraved in your minds! The picturesque alleys, the crystal blue waters and the volcanic beaches are a sight that you wouldn’t want to miss! After all, Santorini is the perfect wedding destination and a one and only experience. This gorgeous Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea will magnetize you. There is no one that sets foot here that doesn’t fall in love with Santorini. One look at this video
clip and you will be convinced. Even with a rough sea, Santorini is spectacular! Raw and wild, ready to be tamed. Are you ready to take your chances with this well-known island on the Aegean? Do not worry, just like any gemstone that may seem rough, you will see that, the inside hides the most precious jewel. And when the sun comes out in Santorini, the landscape lights up!

Planning: Julia & Evita/ Venue: Cavo Ventus/ Photos: Phosart Photography/ Flowers: Betty Flowers/ Lighting: Santorini Events