Boys and girls bring tissues with you because this video clip will most definitely hit you in the feels! Heather and Jeff are living a never-ending love story since they are each other’s best friends and partners in crime. Their vow-exchanging scene in front of their loved ones made us all teary!

Since they enjoy traveling, they decided to tie the knot on the most romantic island in Greece, Santorini. What better match for these two sweethearts, indeed! Their walks through the narrow alleys, their kisses on the magnetic caldera backdrop as the sun sets revealing the most renowned Santorini sunset are the epitome of an iconic scene taken out of a fairytale! “We struggled to make our wedding come alive but we believe that life has its ways to surprise us. It was a dream come true for us to travel to Santorini and witness the Greek beauty. Our loved ones stood by us through many hardships. That is why we were so happy to see them enjoy themselves at our wedding celebration” our bride comments.

The Aegean view from the wedding venue, El Viento, Santorini was breathtaking and it comes as no surprise why these romantic souls choose this wedding destination. The volcanic Greek island on the Mediterranean Sea has magnetized them from the first time they visited it. What can we say, that is Santorini’s secret power! Just hit play and enjoy every second of it. You’re only 8 minutes away before you book your own ticket to this amazing island and live this one-in-a-lifetime experience!