Do you want to start planning your big day and haven’t decided yet the location? You’re in luck! This video clip will not just answer the “where” in your wedding checklist but it will bring tears to your eyes! Such luxury and tenderness combined in a beautiful wedding venue, El Viento Santorini Greece; the ultimate wedding destination for sweethearts and all nature lovers out there!

Madison and David are truly madly in love with each other and managed to keep the flame heated through caring and compassion. There is really no easy way to find true love but these two lovebirds are the exception. The way they look at one another, you can tell, that it is for a lifetime! Their vow exchanging scene was to die for! On a caldera backdrop will surely catch your eye along with the numerous landscapes with the Aegean Sea and the famous Santorini sunset, a magical hour indeed! Their kisses on the Santorini twilight and this beautiful dark orange sky is a must-see! We enjoyed every hour of this unique Greek island, from the Cycladic architecture, the white houses, blue domes, and round chapels, to the rocky volcanic scenery of the Santorini beaches.

Waste no more time and click play. Witness the Santorini wonders for yourself and we guarantee that you will be magnetized. Once you set eyes on it, you are hooked! I know, we are.