Lea & Bill, destination pre-wedding photo-shoot in New York

This is the love story of Lea & Bill...

We travelled from Athens, Greece to New York for their engagement and a pre-wedding photo-shoot in the city of dreams.

We walked around the area of Brooklyn Bridge and admired the view of Manhattan, captured their love in front of the Empire State building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and their craziness and tenderness in the Central Park!

This lovely couple made their story a Love-advisor for New York... and we thank them for letting us be a part of their love story as we covered 1 year after their destination wedding in Lemnos, Greece.

Below you can read the sweet story of how they met & how he asked as Lea experienced it...

“We met first in Lemnos when we were really young, since our families would travel there almost every summer growing up. When we had first met, we really didn’t talk.. we just knew who the other person was. I was friends with Billy’s older sister since she went to the same elementary school as my cousin. Billy’s sister actually brought him to my house one night during junior year of high school but we never even spoke!

The way we first really began talking was over the internet when AOL instant messenger was popular when we were 15 years old. Our mutual friend sent out a buddy chat and we both were invited. Billy asked who I was and we started talking about Lemnos and how I was friends with his older sister. He then sent me a separate message outside of the buddy chat and we began talking ever since then...

Billy proposed on a rainy Saturday afternoon (October 4th, 2014) at the same exact street corner where he confessed that he liked me and where we had our first kiss 9 years, 11 months before (November 4th, 2004). It was raining on both days and I had an umbrella and he didn’t, both times.. because he was so nervous. He tricked me and told me that we had to buy bagels since his aunt was coming over to visit his parents’ house. He parked further away from the bagel store, since he couldn’t find parking any closer, and after we bought bagels and frappe from a greek store, he had me walk past that exact spot and he proposed there. My parents and sisters were hiding across the street and took pictures. It was very sentimental and perfect for me.”

See the wedding film here!


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