There is no better way to experience Santorini than to enjoy a sunrise walk with your sweetheart, in the most famous spots of the island. Those two travelled to the Greek islands for their honeymoon and decided to have a couple shoot on the magical island of Santorini.

We arranged a morning shoot since it is my favorite time for photography in this area. We met at the central square of Oia, just before sunrise and walked together to the most beautiful spots of the village. Sunrise is known by photographers as the best time for sessions on Santorini island. Is it really anything better that having your photos taken with this magic soft light that rises through the cliffs?

We were roaming around the beautiful alleys and Blue Domes of Oia village, waiting for the sun to rise so I could start taking pictures. As a Santorini photographer for many years, I was quite disappointed by the sunrise not being as breathtaking as usually expected, so I suggested that we continued walking. We laughed and danced in front of a huge white bougainvillea, played with a stray kitty, and watched the panoramic view from the old Castle of Oia.

The light during that morning was amazing, and the whole experience of visiting such a popular location without the crowds, was appreciated by all of us! Katja and Clemens could roam freely while putting mud masks on each other without a care in the world. For me as a photographer, to be included in the memories they were creating, was so special and I loved that this experience felt like the true Santorini! The photos of them having fun, crazy in love and full of happiness are the reason I keep on loving what I do.

Katja and Clemens, you two are an incredible couple and I treasure every moment spent capturing your true selves: travelers, soulmates, and two of the most fun people around the world.