Cuba is a great travel destination to add to your travel bucket list. Get a glimpse of its colonial architecture, friendly atmosphere, energetic people, its beautiful scenery, and unique culture. With so many things to do, Cuba is the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, and romance. We traveled from one side of the island to the other making the most out of this experience and visited different cities with our cameras ready to capture Cuba’s everyday lifestyle. Get ready for an amazing journey to the Cuba island in the northern Caribbean and its colorful esthetic.

Cuba has lots of hotels to stay in but what a better way to capture its unique lifestyle than staying in a local casa particular with the whole Cuban family? Each day, we took breakfast from the Mama of the house and began our exploration of the city we were. The Cuban people embraced us with happy faces, smiles, and overwhelming enthusiasm. We encountered local bars where you can drink lots of rum but best part was drinking in the streets with all locals. Drinking rum is an esthetic part of Cuba’s culture so be prepared to hold your liquor all night!

Havana is a beautiful majestic and romantic city bursting with energy. The capital of Cuba will steal your heart with its open-top vintage American cars, unique architecture that embodies baroque style, neoclassicism, art deco, and eclecticism as well as music rising from local households. You can witness colonial and neoclassical buildings as you’re wandering the streets of Habana Vieja. And, of course, the influence of Fidel and Che can’t be left unnoticed. In Plaza de Armas, Havana’s oldest square, people gather to hang out and dance. Surely, the capitol building in El Capitolio stands out, since the resemblance of the White Tower is evidence of the American influence in Cuba’s history. We took a hiking tour in the Vinales valley and witnessed the colorful tobacco farms where the famous Cuban cigars are made. Cuban hand-made cigars are special to Cuba’s culture and the people enjoy them regularly in social gatherings. Cienfuegos captivated us with the gracious French-style mansions and stately Spanish churches on the streets and plazas of the historic city center. The Casa de la Musica in Trinidad kept us dancing on the local salsa rhythm. We loved those outdoor musicians as well as the energy and enthusiasm they showed us.

Our trip would be incomplete if we skipped Cayo de Coco with its white sand and shallow clear water beaches. If you seek a sunny escape, Cayo de Coco will leave you breathless. And don’t forget to add also snorkeling and diving activities! We didn’t stop there, though, we were eager to visit Santiago with its mixed modern architecture and history and arts. But we did fell in love with Baracoa and its beautiful scenery, its chocolate production, and amazing beaches with palm trees. Nothing can surpass the feeling of inferiority we felt laying eyes upon the Yumuri Canyon and its marvelous range of flora and fauna.

Are these reasons not enough yet? Plan your trip to Cuba and promise yourself a timeless experience.