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Rebekah & Tyler

I don’t even know how to sufficiently thank you for the incredible photos we received today. There were photos in there that literally made us scream and cheer and cry. You have such an incredible gift and we are so thankful that we had you to capture our wedding day (and beyond). We have both been photographed before, but you captured us in a way that no one else has before. You even gave us both our “model moments”. I have never seen Tyler so proud of a photograph of himself (and likewise for me). It was so beautiful for both of us to witness. You captured the beauty that we see in each other, and we know it is all thanks to you…Your energy, your artistic timing, your guidance and your ability to make us feel comfortable in front of your lens. Thank you thank you ❤️

Ramsen & Emilla

We knew already that this would be an experience for life - being a part of your artwork during our big day. You handled everything with so much professionalism and love.

We just sat down and watched the short video and the pictures!! We cannot describe how happy we are that we chose Phosart to capture our wedding. You have done an amazing job, we dropped our jaws when we saw your great work. 

About the pictures.
We were so nervous to see the pictures but when we started to click thru them we relaxed instantly because WOW the pictures are so amazing!! You captured us so beautifully- we look like million dollars haha! You really captured the colors, details, the environment, us and our loved ones. And the editing is so great! We really see that you have put in your skills and best effort into the pictures. 

About the video.
We laughed, cried and smiled throughout the hole video. You managed to capture Us in a way that defines us and so many beautiful details from the day. We love it!!! No one could have done such an amazing job as you did! We are forever grateful and this is such a lovely summary from our day. The video will be something that we will be able to watch from time to time throughout our life and show our future children. Thank you for the love that you have put into it! We are really looking forward to seeing the long video also.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. WE ARE SO THANKFUL AND HAPPY!! No one does it like Phosart. We wish you all the love and happiness in life. Keep doing what you do because you all really have so much talent and make people so happy. 

Faye & Christopher

We finally sat down on the weekend with our closest friends and family, opened a bottle of fizz and took them on a journey through our most magical wedding pictures. We are astonished how you managed to capture our day…we can’t honestly put into words how amazing the pictures are and how they brought back every second of our day. Our friends and family can’t thank you enjoy for capturing our smiles and the love we have for each other!

You’ve made is such a hard decision to pick some for our house!!! We are thinking of just filling every wall with them haha! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything! Something little is on its way…again sorry for the lateness we wish we were in our Santorini bubble.

Until we meet again, take care our dearest friend and the greatest Photographer of all time!

Lots of love and well wishes,

Mr & Mrs Summerfield

Rhia,Albert,Rachel & Reese

OMG!!! These photos are superb! I can’t believe these are our Phosart wedding photos that we are looking at, since 2018 we were just scrolling at their photos … it’s like a dream come true for us, to have seen our photos with Phosart copyright on them!!! I had goosebumps and was teary looking at them.

We would totally recommend them… 200%!!!

The connection and ease we found with them shows through in the final products. I am generally confident in front of the camera but Albert laid his disclaimer on the table that he finds it awkward being photographed and they immediately reassured him that they will guide us along the process which they did! They knew exactly how to make us feel like we were just hanging out with some friends and made us feel so comfortable and relaxed during the wedding, which was brilliant because not only they’ve captured our real emotions and personalities, we had the best time of our lives and we enjoyed the wedding! It wasn’t stressful, it wasn’t choreographed!They even gave the suggestion about venue setting and lighting to make our intimate wedding magical and we trusted them with it and they were right, they know exactly how to make a simple intimate wedding feels like a million dollar one! As clichéd as it sounds, we felt like we were being looked after by family.

Their professionalism was outstanding, their work ethics and commitment were such a delight to see and in just 10mins I already witnessed how passionate they are with their work, they take it seriously, it’s their pride and glory all because they want to give the best to their couples. Their combined energy is unparalleled.

The finished photos and videos ooze class, sophistication and refinement. Our photos and videos receive frequent compliments from our family and friends. Everyone thinks they were looking at wedding magazines with the quality of photos and that they are watching a film when watching our videos, these just describe how magnificent their artistry is and most of all a brilliant story teller! We can’t deny, a lot of tears were shed while looking at the photos and watching the videos.

If you’re looking for a cheap photographer who will just click the button of their camera, Phosart definitely isn’t the one for you. But if you value photography and cinematography and want someone who are a master of their craft and a true professional all-round, look no further! Plus, they offer something that not all photographers can – true flexibility. Few years ago it was just our dream to work with them and see our wedding photos with the Phosart trademark - that dream has turned into a reality and more because they welcomed our family to theirs and we became good friends since.

We will treasure these photos, videos and the friendship forever. Thank you all so much Phosart Photography and Cinematography team! Yamas! We love you all!!!

Forum & Krunal

Hello team!

We have been going through all of our photos and WOW, WE ARE BLOWN AWAY. We absolutely LOVE them and feel like we're reliving the entire weekend over again. THANK YOU so much for capturing these beautiful memories!

Forum & Krunal

Valerie & Nick
Wow! We couldn’t be happier with Joanna and the Phosart team. We decided to spontaneously elope in Santorini after having to cancel our wedding in England due to Covid. Dealing with Phosart was great and easy from start-to-finish.
We met with Joanna the day before our ceremony where we discussed locations and style of shots we liked. We laughed a lot during our meeting and whilst we are a very picky couple, she made us feel calm and assured about our special day ahead. When the big day came she was full of energy, advice and made us feel so at ease. The locations she picked were just perfect! She is a true artist with a knack for detail and eye to capture candid shots at the perfect second for motion and emotion.
The photos speak for themselves but what you can’t see is how wonderful they are behind the camera. Joanna was so kind and since our family couldn’t be there with us, we couldn’t have wished for anyone better to spend our day with. We have had SO MANY compliments about the photos too!
Patrick & Valerie

We had to choose between 3 or 4 photographers that had been offered to us. We looked carefully at all the instagram pages and we fell in love with the job you offer because it suited us the most! The experience was very satisfying, we were comfortable, we laughed, danced, we were the stars of the day! We were also amazed with the final result. Even today when we look at our pictures, we want to start again and again always with Phosart team. Our pictures reflect the joy and love we had that day <3 What we paid is well worth the quality of service we received!

The video and photos are beyond amazing, and every last detail is absolutely perfect! We will cherish this as long as we live. Thank you from the bottom of our heart, for helping us create and perfectly capture the best day of our lives!!You have truly made all my dreams come true. I am forever grateful to all of you!
Studio Phosart was recommended to me by a friend who used the team for their wedding a couple of years ago. My friend told me that if I did not use Studio Phosart she would not speak to me again – this is how confident she was and how happy she was with the work they had done for her own wedding. She was not wrong. Studio Phosart, I don't even know how big I can thank your team. We would like to send you the biggest heartfelt thank you for all of the attention you gave us from start to finish. The biggest thank you is for the amazing results of your work the pictures and video which will bring joy to us and our friends and family for many years to come.
Incredible professionals, very good at their job with vast experience that makes them understand everyone’s needs immediately!! They knew the style of the wedding we wanted, and so were able to help us and make the stress go away!
Our most important thing was that we felt immediately comfortable with you and faithfully followed every instruction! We laughed, we played, improvised and finally everything went super!!!!!
Your work shows how much you try for every couple that with through the video and photos, render their philosophy and feelings!
From day one we have felt like we have been in good hands, the day that we met Chris and Jo we instantly felt at ease, they knew our exact style and we knew we had chosen the perfect team! They are so talented and ridiculously good at what they do. I feel so grateful and like I could never repay Phosart for giving us the most beautiful gift of keeping our memories alive. We will always be able to look back at these photos and videos and go back to our special day, you have captured every moment in its true form, showing all of the exact emotion and beauty. I could truly never thank you all enough.
I cannot thank you enough! I am absolutely in love with it all! The movie is incredible and I am so happy we can relive it. We are so thrilled to be able to share this special day with our family and friends back home. The best day of our lives will forever be cherished and we have a keepsake for a lifetime thanks to you.
Sometimes is really hard saying thank you as words are not enough. The Phosart team are incredible.
They had such a professionalism, they listened carefully what we want and gave us great ideas.
No need to speak about their talent and the uniqueness of their work simply watch some of their videos. Every video is different as every love story is different and that's what I love with these guys that they don't follow the same format for every couple.
Our wedding trailer was an instant hit within our friends and waiting with so much excitement for the wedding video. Most importantly we made some great new friends. Thank you George, Chris, Pantelis and Vaso for making our dream come true. Love Dimitri and Mariano
We would just like to say how pleased we are with our photos and video.
We love our photos and our video offers us to relive our day over and that is priceless.
We couldn't of had a better team behind us to capture our day.
Everyone was so friendly, easy and professional to work with that it made us feel like we had known each other for years.
Our thank you to everyone and we hope to see you all again some day when we are in Santorini or if you come to London.
I was very careful choosing a photographer and a videographer, as after the wedding only photos and videos will keep our memories alive.:)
Working with you was really amazing for me and my husband.
You were very attentive, hardworking, interesting people.
Everyone of our guests, by looking to our photos and video, can't believe, that they were there.
We got a lot of compliments from other people we even don't know.
With you, our wedding became more colorful and romantic. We couldn't even imagine that.
When our photos and clip of our wedding were shared to our social media, the reaction of people was unbelievable.
Everyone told me, that it was like a fairy tale movie.
We will always keep in touch with you guys, as you are the best of the best.
And I hope we will work with you over and over again!
When your having a wedding abroad with a handful of your closest family and friends the photography for me & my husband seemed a million times more important. We told them what we wanted from our photos/ cinematography and they understood and was patient with us and our requests. Our main thing for us was to feel relaxed, not pushed or pressured into cliquey photos that looked unnatural. From the start to the end they was incredible. They was honestly the best team. They was so much fun and have a natural eye for a special moment. They literally caught every bit of love that day. I didn't think it was possible of capturing such photos. When any of our friends and family look at our photos/ short movie they gush with compliments and say how well our photographers captured so much love and happiness. They are insanely talented, thank you so much for everything.
The pictures are just amazing and Chris' work with the trailer is just art!
We couldn't believe how great it was when we first saw it.
Also, thank you so much for the great preparation beforehand.
The Skype meeting and email correspondence made us feel very comfortable and at ease.
It was also so great to get to meet and know Chris and Joe in person and having them at our wedding,
although they almost were invisible to our guests and us.
Again, thank you so much for the great work, you really created lasting memories for us!
I am so glad my Fiance chose Phosart!
We are extremely happy with the way our pictures came out and want to thank Joanna and Chris!
They were both so pleasant to work with and the best part was that they were cheering us on from the sidelines.
Love is powerful but it makes a difference when you have the best photographers capturing and adding to your moment.
I remember wanting a specific pose and Joanna immediately vibed the idea and showered rose petals to give and extra effect to the photo,
this is what makes them so great!!
I am so happy with our shoot and would definitely recommend them!
Thank you Phosart for a great experience.

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